Easy Marketing Blog Ideas - The Round Up

Feeling stuck for fresh content?  We love this type of blog because it adds fresh voices, encourages shares, and it's SO easy to write.  

How does a round up blog work?  Simply approach a group of people with a question, and then publish their responses.  If the question requires a more in-depth answer, you'll want to find a group with some expertise, but you can also ask more surface level questions that can be open to anyone to answer. 

Who to Include?

Your Staff - If you have staff, a round up blog can be the perfect way to introduce them and their expertise. And you're their boss, so you can require them to respond in a thoughtful way.  Staff round ups can generate consistent content, as you can address different recommendations at a regular interval - for example, a monthly staff tip. 

Social Media Micro Influencers - People who are newer to the influencer game are hungry for followers and credit, and offering them a link in exchange for a quick answer to a question can be very effective.  Your best bed will be people with less than 5,000 followers, as they're not likely to be getting paid for anything yet. 

Social Media Groups - Groups on Facebook are great for requesting feedback.  Simply let people know you're writing a blog on a topic and looking for some feedback, and ask them how they'd like to be credited. 

Reddit - Similar to Facebook groups, Reddit can be a great source for responses to questions, just be clear that you're looking for responses for a blog you're writing. 

Your Friends - If you have friends who are local business owners, reach out to them with your question, and offer to feature their business on your website! 

Topic Ideas

What is a trend you're seeing in [your business/product]?

What do you recommend for [your service/product] beginners/newbies? 

What's something you can't live without? [relate to your product/service]

What is your favorite [book, podcast, website] in [your field]? Why? 

Tell us how you care for [your product]?

What is your favorite new [your product/service] this year?  Why? 

What's a tip for [your business field] that people often get wrong? 

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