Five Reasons to Update Your Small Business Website

Outdated website?  You're not alone!  Many small business owners struggle to maintain and update their websites.  Whether it's due to time constraints, budget concerns, or simply a lack of technology know-how, we see many small businesses across the Pacific Northwest with outdated websites.  But not to worry, updating your website is easer than you think! 

1. First Impressions Happen Online, and Often on Mobile.

When you're looking for information on a product or service, where do you go? Most people type it into a search engine.    

Hundreds of people form their first impression of your business when they browse search results and land on your website.  If your website is outdated, impossible to read on mobile, or otherwise problematic, your potential customer will immediately form a negative impression.  A website that makes your business look bad can be almost as bad as having no website at all!  

SOLUTION:  Update to a simple, contemporary website design.
Building and maintaining a professional, polished web presence that looks great on any device is easier and more affordable than ever! 


Wildflower Digital Marketing offers web design options for all types of businesses, from basic and simple to robust ecommerce solutions.  Click for more information. 



2. You're Losing Out on Ecommerce Opportunities

We've all heard that brick and mortar retail is losing out to ecommerce, but for many businesses that we work with in Central Oregon and Northern Idaho, foot traffic is still their bread and butter.  However, this doesn't mean that you can't also offer some of your inventory online, and be competitive in both markets! 

SOLUTION:  Ecommerce doesn't have to be stressful 

We partner with Shopify to bring our clients stunning eCommerce websites at an affordable cost.  These websites employ a user-friendly back end navigation and tons of features that work for many different types of retailers. Learn about the benefits of eCommerce for brick and mortar retailers here.


3. Where is Your Website on Search Engines? 

Forget about first impressions, many small businesses are making no impression at all when it comes to people landing on their page from search engines like Google or Bing.  However, there are proven strategies, like regularly updated content and blogging that can turn this around for your business! 

SOLUTION:  A comprehensive SEO analysis and strategy.
Your website likely tracks a lot of information about your search engine success, but many small business owners don't know how to read, analyze or improve this data.  We can help you figure out what's not working how you'd like and come up with a plan that works for your needs.  Email us for more information!

4. You Can Simplify and Improve Your Customer Experiences.  

Nearly all of the businesses that we work with have necessary elements of their business that can be simplified with creative use of web applications.  Customers will appreciate your modern approach to efficiency, and you'll love the time it saves.  Possible website efficiency features include: 

  • Requesting & scheduling appointments
  • Reservations & rentals 
  • Filling out necessary paperwork in advance
  • Paying for services online
  • Gathering marketing leads / building a customer database
  • Electronic coupons

SOLUTION:  Customized strategy for your business. 
Are there things you've never even thought of that could save you and your customers time and effort?  

Wildflower Digital Marketing offers web design options for all types of businesses, from basic and simple to robust ecommerce solutions.  Click for more information. 



5. Enliven Your Social Media, and Website Together

A basic, boring website does nothing for your social media strategy.  From selling items directly on facebook, to drawing your customers to your website with an intriguing blog post, an up-to-date website can create countless opportunities to engage and convert customers via social media. 

SOLUTION:  Update your website to include social media-friendly features, such as a blog, social media product tagging, and great visuals for your link posts. 

You don't need to update your website daily to keep your social media content lively and interesting, but we have simple, proven strategies such as weekly or monthly blogs, evergreen content that can be shared time and again, and social media display. 

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