Three Month Small Business Blog Challenge

There are so many benefits to running a blog for your small business, from raising your search engine rank to building community and improving conversions.  While we nearly always recommend blogging as a part of digital marketing strategy, it's very important that this blog is maintained on a somewhat regular basis.  Leaving a blog unattended for months or even years at a time can give the impression that you lack engagement with your audience, or even that you're not really in business anymore. 

"More is more" with blogging, and you can blog as often as daily if you like, but a good, manageable cadence for a small business owner is about once a week.  And the good news is, blogging does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming task - work our way through our three month challenge and you'll get in the cadence of posting regularly on easy topics.  

Week 1 - An Interview With Our Founder

We get it: whether this is your very first blog, or your first blog in a while, diving right in might feel a little scary.  So we'll make it easy for you - instead of structuring your first blog as a written piece, structure it as an interview.  You can either ask a friend or staff member to interview you, or fill out some of our suggested interview questions yourself. 

Week 2 - 10 [Your Product or Service] Ideas to Inspire and Motivate

Whatever your business type, quick and easy lists like this one can be perfect for getting some related keywords on your site.  If you're in retail, choose ideas that highlight your product, such as outfits, decorating, gifts, etc..  If you're in a service industry, you can highlight options for the service you offer, from home renovations to financial tips to hairstyles. 

Week 3 - Highlight a Local Charity You Support

Whether you support this charity through your business or personally, talking about a local charity gives you bonus points for caring about your community, and adds keywords to do with your local area.

Week 4 - 10 Reasons I Love Living in [Your Region]

Talk about why you love your local area!  This is especially important for local businesses, but we believe being open about where you are located adds legitimacy to online businesses as well.  Think about how you can subtly add keywords, such as mentioning nearby town names as you describe local amenities, and mentioning how your local area supports you as a business owner. 

Week 5 - Tell the Story That Inspired Your Business

Now that you've had a few weeks to practice, let's get a bit deeper.  What do you say to people when they ask why you decided to start a business? Telling the story in a personal tone is a simple way to connect with your audience. Speak as if you were explaining it to a friend. 

Week 6 - Round Up Blog

This is a very quick blog to write with some great impact.  The concept of a round up is to ask the same question to several people with some expertise, whether it's your staff or the members of a Facebook Group, and publish the most interesting responses.  Here are some great ideas for Round Up Blogs.

Week 7 - Staff Profile

Interview one of your staff members - revisit our interview questions post for more ideas.  If you have a larger staff, this can become a monthly feature that you do until you've introduced everyone.  If you don't have a staff, instead interview someone related to your business: a supplier, contractor, or owner of another local business that you'd like to partner with. 

Week 8 - Comparison Blog

In a list style blog, compare or contrast two or more products or services that you offer.  Explain the differences and why you offer both options.  Which type of customer would choose what?  For example, is one item more value conscious, while another has more features? 

Week 9 - Interview a Happy Customer

Reach out to people who've given you positive Facebook, Google, or Yelp reviews, or to friends and family who have tried your product or service, and find someone willing to give a more detailed testimonial.  Thank them graciously for their time, and feel free to offer a discount or gift in exchange for this, although if you do, that should be disclosed in the blog. 

Week 10 - Report on Trends in Your Industry

In list format, cover 3-6 trends for the upcoming season or year.  Include photos and products as it applies. 

Week 11 - Goals and Plans Feedback

Announce something that will be happening down the road, discuss why you're excited about it, and request fan feedback.  This can be anything from a new brand you'll be carrying to a new service you'll offer or a new staff hire.  If you don't have anything definitive planned, instead discuss your dreams and aspirations and focus more on the feedback concept - ask for suggestions for opening a second location, or for expanding your service offerings down the road.  

Week 12 - Respond to a Customer Question

What's a question that you often get from your customers?  Write a short blog explaining the answer in a fun and friendly way that covers some of your product or service offerings.  Make sure to be gracious about it, so that the person who asked the question initially doesn't feel singled out. 

Congrats, your blog is off to a GREAT start!  Now What? 

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Now that you've finished your 12 weeks, take a look back at your blog.  Which of these topics were easiest for you to write?  Which have the potential to be a monthly or quarterly feature?  Blogging for your business doesn't have to be a huge headache - instead you can look to build a cadence with simple topics that resonate with your audience and generate organic search traffic.

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