How to Share Links from Instagram

So, you've built a great following on Instagram, and your engagement is up, but your website traffic is still dismal.  Where's the disconnect?  It's likely you're not including an appropriate Link & Call to Action often enough - something to inspire customers to stop their thumb scrolling and head over to your website. 

We recommend sharing links wherever you have applicable related content on your website.  Here are some ways you can do this.

1. Share a simple or shortened link in the caption.
Although Instagram caption links are not clickable, as long as your link is short enough to be easy to type in, you can share it to your caption with some success.  Even simply repeating your primary  URL within the caption consistently can be effective - this way your fans will know where to go if they see something they like.  

2. Tag a product in your photo.
Some ecommerce platforms sync to Instagram via Facebook's shopping catalog - currently these platforms include Shopify and BigCommerce, and is a major advantage to businesses who are on them.  Once you're linked up Instagram shopping, you're able to tag products in your photograph, allowing people to click through to shopping directly from those tags!

Interested in adding this to your brand functionality? Let us build a Shopify Website for you!  Email us or request a quote to learn more! 

3. Share a link in your bio.
We're sure you've seen "Link in our bio" in Instagram captions before - many businesses share links on Instagram by changing the link displayed in their profile regularly.  This supplies users with a clickable link in only two clicks - which is way less work than typing a URL - and let's face it, social media marketing is often only effective when it's not a lot of work.

4. Share a link in your Story.
How many followers do you need to share links in your instagram story? 10,000 followers is a big milestone for more reasons than you think - once you reach this number, you gain the privilege to share links in your Instagram Story.  Once you're able to share links in your story, you can also reference your story in your post - offering up more images, details, or the rest of the information to entice users to hop over to your story and check it out. 

5. Pay to play.
Putting even a little money behind a post can help increase the traffic a lot, because it creates a clickable link below the post featuring your call to action.  Options include "shop now," "learn more" and a bevy of other common marketing CTA's. 

Need more details? Our Social Media Academy posts on this topic breaks things down even further, with step-by-step instructions on how to make these things happen! 

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