Profiting in Quarantine - 3 Steps Towards Change

This blog is for everyone struggling right now to find work or watching their small businesses falter.  While many businesses have been forced to shutter during the lockdown, others have found ways to push through and maintain the bottom line, or even to adapt and profit.  

1. Change Your Mindset

Although it's easy to get locked into negativity and depressions, circumstances being what they are - we have seen over and over again that those who are open-minded and forward-thinking are coming up with ideas that have helped them keep their businesses running, or even thriving.

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2. Learn to Adapt

Uncertainty about the future of how businesses operate has never been more real than it is right now.  While some business owners simply wait for things to go back to normal, those who adapt will be the ones who come out of this stronger than ever.  Not only will adapting get them through the tough times, but they'll come out with a more fluid business model that can better push through future challenging times.  

How can your business adapt? 

Go Digital.  If you're not already selling online, now is the time to set that up.  

Get Social.  Spend time on your business social media (or start them if you don't already have them) and build an audience and followers.  Keep an eye out for ideas - how are other businesses similar to yours responding to quarantine?  

3. Offer New Products and Services

Everyone has skills and knowledge that they can find a way to market to the public.  If you haven't been able to offer your usual business services during quarantine, chances are there are customers out there who are looking for another option.  Be creative and think about how you can help.

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