Should My Business Be on Instagram


Some Businesses Have it Easy.
Many businesses may already be prepared to build a stunning Instagram profile without even realizing it.  Since the platform's focus is so heavily visual, if you already do a lot of photography of your work, or if it would be easy to grab photos, Instagram is a no-brainer for your business.  We strongly recommend Instagram for people in visually focused industries.  Popular to follow topics on Instagram include:

  • Design, Architecture, and Real Estate
  • Restaurants, Bars and Chefs
  • Outdoor Industry 
  • Beauty Industry
  • Health & Fitness
  • Retail Products
  • Resorts & Travel
  • Pets & Animals
  • Kids

Even if you don't fall into one of these categories, we can help you find a creative way to build a following!
We recommend some level of Instagram presence to virtually all of our clients, because it's typically fairly easy to build a respectable following.  Our team can help your business come up with a strategy that suits your goals, and generate ideas for the types of content that would make sense for your business should post. 


  • Tagging availability: Many Instagram users are in the habit of actively tagging businesses and locations that they're engaging with in the real world.  This means your business name gets out there to a user's friends and family simply by having an account and being available to tag.
  • Hashtag Discovery:  While platforms like Facebook have made it increasingly difficult for users to stumble upon your business, Instagram retains the robust use of hashtags that made it popular for businesses to begin with.  Hashtags allow users to search posts by interest, and allow businesses to connect with people with similar interests!
  • Younger Audience: If your business relies on the under 35 crowd, Instagram is the place to be.  Young users love this platform's ever expanding ways to communicate visually, and while many young users have dropped other social media, Instagram continues to grow with this market. 
  • User-Submitted Content: Instagram has a strong culture of "regrams:" user created content that is tagged to encourage a business to re-share.  You'll see many companies offering incentives for this, and users love to engage with it.  Many businesses create virtually none of their own content, instead easily relying on their fans and followers to produce beautiful, authentic photography!
  • Influencer Marketing: This is the strongest platform for engaging with influencers - people who use their photography and styling skills to create a strong following.  You'll find influencers in nearly any niche, from architecture to fashion, and once you build your profile, you can find accounts that will share your work for free or for a small fee. 
  • Follow the Crowd: Even if you're not typically the following type, Instagram estimates that over 70% of US businesses have an account.  Creating an account guarantees that someone who is looking for you can find you, and not one of your competitors. 

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