What is Your Business All About (In Keywords)

Breaking it down into the simplest of terms. 

Often in digital marketing, you'll need short descriptors of your business, and this section is designed to give you a reference so that you'll be able to use that consistently.  If you already have a Mission/Vision Statement, now is the time to whip that out, eliminate all of the extraneous stuff you threw in there to sound more amazing, and see if you can fit it into a 150 character sentence for social media profiles, email blurbs, SEO metatags and beyond. 


Copy & Paste these questions into a Word Document to get started on your social media planning! 

Describe your business in 150 characters or less.  Be interesting!

List at least 10 Keywords that relate to your business. 


List any slogans or phrases that relate to your business.  Do you have something that'll work for a hashtag? 


Why 150 Characters or Less?
From social media profiles to controlling what displays on Google search results, a short and concise few sentences that give people all of the key talking points is useful across your digital platforms.  So, you'll need a short, clear, and interesting description of what it is that you do.  Include things like the region you serve, your founding date (unless it's like, yesterday), and the types of products/services you offer. 

Keywords are something that appear across digital platforms, from Search Engine Optimization, to social media hashtags.  They can be either single words, or short phrases of no more than three words (for example "Accounting" is a keyword, but you could also include "Business Accounting").  They can relate either to your business or to the types of customers you're looking for. 

Catch Phrases and Slogans
Does your business have a slogan?  Short, succinct slogans are ideal for social media - they translate well into hashtags, and they're easy to use regularly in your posts.  However, you don't want these to me more than a few words, especially for hashtag use. #NobodyUsesInsanelyLongHashtags

Stuck?  Run your ideas by our Facebook group or Band group. 

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