Growth Through Quality Content

On any social media platform the cornerstone of your growth will be creating content that makes people want to follow your business.  Certain types of content are most popular on different platforms, but the basic concept will always be that content should be entertaining or informative in some way. 

Before deciding on what types of content you'd like to create, look back over your Brand Voice Worksheet and take the time to ask yourself which types of content don't apply to your ideal voice.  For example, if you're looking to come across as sophisticated and professionals, you likely want to stay away from the memes - whereas if your plan was to create a quirky and youthful voice, by all means, meme. 

A Note About Content Quality:

Many brands feel nervous about posting photos and videos that aren't professionally shot to social media, but in many cases, we would urge you to relax and go for it.   

  • Keep your lowest quality (but still fun) content for disappearing platforms like SnapChat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. 
  • Regular feed posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should fit with the tone of your brand voice, but do not need to always be professional quality. 
  • The highest quality content can be used for things that will be seen repeatedly - your hero/header images, paid advertisements, and on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest, where quality content can continue to produce results for months or even years. 


Popular Content Types: 


1. Time lapse of literally anything - Okay, maybe not anything, but we're sure you've seen the oddly compelling quality of time-lapse videos that take you through things you might not normally want to look at, like bread rising.  You don't need much more than an iPhone and a tripod to shoot something with acceptable social media quality. 
2. Live video - Although it may feel completely awkward, fans really love live video.  Live video can cover everything from events that your brand is a part of, to unpacking new items that you're stocking at your store.  Give it some extra reach by running a giveaway during a longer live video for everyone who shares your post. 
3. Aspirational / Inspiring video - These videos are perfect for brands that offer some kind of life experience, and can include anything from customer testimonials to experiential videos that tour through places or projects that your company is involved with.  These videos tend to be professionally filmed and edited, but can be completed on a budget as well. 
4. Humor video - If your brand has a great sense of humor  
4. Explainer video - New companies and companies offering new products and services may consider either informal or formal "explainer" video which gives your customers detailed information on your brand and product or service. 

1. Aspirational images - whether you're showing fitness goals, exotic travel destinations, dream homes, or bucket list adventures, displaying content that represents the best and most outrageous of what your industry does can excite customers and encourage shares. 
2. Quotes - from funny to inspirational, images featuring quotes that overlay a photo or graphic remain some of the most popular images to share on social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  If possible, it's best to create these yourself with a photo editing app, so that you can add your logo to the post, and create your own unique version. 
3. Regional jokes - reach your local market with graphics featuring lists, comparisons, or "only in the northwest" satire. 
4. Photos from Fans - be sure to follow our guidelines for gaining permissions to use content from other users. 


1. Create a branded blog - if you don't have one already, a blog on your company website can be a great way to share information about your company and the products or services that you offer in an interesting way.  Properly worded, blogs will typically get more organic clicks than links pointed straight to product or service offerings. 
2. Branded content from brands you work with - if you work with or stock products from a company that create it's own cool content, share a link to their content!  Just make sure to tag them and give them credit. 
3. Inspirational or interesting content from other sources


Content Idea Generator

There's a big difference between understanding content that people might like and relating it back to your business.  Here are some ideas for some different industries. 

Beauty Industry
- Shoot before and after photos of your work, especially if the change is dramatic.
- Film a time lapse video of any beauty process.
- Share inspiring quotes that relate to confidence and beauty.
- Share funny beauty memes. 
- Create some beauty related tips often referred to on social media as "life hacks." 

Brick & Mortar / eCommerce Retail
- Demonstration photos or videos that show cool features of products you carry. 

Food & Beverage Industry
- Film a time-lapse video of featuring the creation of a unique or specialty item you want to be known for.  Bonus points if it's an indulgent dessert, over-the-top cocktail, or outrageous entree, but seeing the process on any unique item can be fun.  Some of the most popular videos on facebook are of this type.
- Food porn - take the time to snap photos of well-plated and tasty looking items regularly.  These do not need to be professionally shot, and often benefit from appearing casual/user generated.
- Keep on top of the list of hashtag holidays - from #nationaldonutday to #nationalhoagieday, you can hop on this bandwagon for any food or beverage you serve. 
- User generated content - invite your customers to share their food snaps, and submit them to you via a specific hashtag or messages.

 Get inspired by some brands that are doing it right. 

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