Growth Through Social Media Engagement


You'll see engagement mentioned often in growth strategy, and it's a very important aspect on many platforms.  Some platforms are even believed to reward engagement in their algorithms that decide which content is shown first.  Fortunately, engaging with social media can be done in a couple of minutes per day - if you or an employee can set aside 10-15 minutes twice a day to scroll through your various social media do some engagement activities. 

 TIGHT ON TIME? If you've got a lot on your plate, we recommend limiting the number of social media accounts your business manages rather than spending less time on each account. 

DO THIS FIRST - Typical Engagement Activities Prioritized

1. Respond to any direct messages.   All of the platforms we're discussing offer an opportunity to send private messages to businesses, and this is where customers will often go if they have a question.  So, if you have time for nothing else, at least check your social media twice a day for direct messages that may contain questions from your customers. 

2. Respond to any comments & replies to your posts.  Another way customers may opt to ask a question is to comment on a recent post.  Even if the comments are just nice and supportive, it's often worthwhile to take the time to respond to those who commented or replied with some kind of interaction. 

3. Respond to people who've tagged you or used your branded hashtags. Many of the platforms we're discussing have an opportunity to tag other users, including your account.  Scroll through your notifications and take a look at posts where people have tagged you.  Make a nice comment, respond to a question, or give people encouragement as your brand.  This puts your brand's link on other people's feeds, making your account "discoverable." 

4. Scroll hashtags related to your brand or location and interact with posts (not available on Facebook).  For example, go to local northwest hashtag #pnwonderland and comment (in an authentic way) on a few cool photos!  You can spend as much time doing this as you like, but even occasionally taking the time for it can make a difference. 

5. Scroll the people/brands you follow and interact with their posts.  More on interacting on facebook in our Facebook Growth Blog

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