Software We're Loving: Klaviyo

While we're not entirely sure how you pronounce Klaviyo... Claw-Vee-yo?  Clay-Vay-yo? We're really enjoying the simple, straightforward layout, ease of use, and features of this robust email marketing platform. 

With the "break up" of Mailchimp and Shopify, we went on the hunt for a new email marketing platform to partner and recommend to our clients who wanted to maintain Shopify integration.  After reading recommendations and signing up for a bunch of different services (our spam email boxes are now overloaded!) we landed on this weirdly named app that we feel will be a great fit for our client's needs. 

Why We Like It

1. Super Easy Sign Up Integration with Shopify

As we work primarily in Shopify, we were thrilled with how quick and easy this application was to add to our website during our testing process.  We had struggled in the past with Mailchimp: from pop-ups that caused theme glitches, to embeddable forms that didn't embed.

With Klaviyo, we connected to our Shopify Store in the Klaviyo dashboard (under Integrations in the Left-Hand menu) then installed the Klaviyo app, and... that's pretty much it!  There's a small code snippet that you can drop wherever you like - we put it in our "contact us" page. 

Sign up form options include pop-ups, flyouts, and embedable forms.  The pop-ups-and flyouts populate automatically when you make them live from the Klaviyo dashboard, while the embed forms use a small code snippet - here's ours:


 (Go ahead, give it a test run and fill out!  You'll get some handy emails along with the satisfaction of seeing how it works.) 

2. Data Integration and Targeting

The Mailchimp/Shopify breakup also lost our clients some great targeting information with their email list, and with Klaviyo we're back to be able to sort our customers based on their purchasing habits as well as all of the standard demographic considerations. 

3. Flows

We're designers so we're visual people, and with this, we really enjoy the way Klaviyo lays out their email series in a slick looking flow chart that you can drag and drop to suit your needs. 

Additional features like the Conditional Split allow you to plan out complex email series based on actions that a subscriber takes, allowing full automation that still feels personalized.

4. Automated Lists and Segments

Klaviyo came loaded with robust automated segmentation, and has some pretty useful features there.  We appreciated the ability to automatically sort people into different lists based on the choices that they make in a sign up form, for example sending some to our email newsletter list and others to our potential client list. 

5. Templates

We found the template designs to be pretty comparable to Mailchimp, and to be easy to work with, with drag-and-drop sections and straightforward editing. If you're concerned with the visual look of the templates, we found that there were lots of nice and varied designs: 

See the rest with a Klaviyo trial through our Wildflower Partner Link.


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