Troubleshooting Facebook Posts

Posting a link is easy, right?  Not always - posting links to Facebook doesn't always quite go as expected, especially when you're expecting Facebook to pull certain data from your post automatically and display it just how you want.  Common problems include: 

  • Updated information on your website isn't showing correctly on Facebook (Facebook still has the old content in cache).
  • Photos aren't populating.
  • The content preview doesn't look correct.
  • You want to display different photos from the one Facebook selected. 

Common Problem #1: 

The link is displaying an incorrect or outdated photo, text, or title when you try and share it. This most commonly happens when you've updated a page after sharing a link recently. Facebook hasn't seen the new version, and still pulls the old one.

TIME SAVING TIP: Make sure any links you're using are displaying properly and images are ready to go before you begin to start composing the copy for your post.  This will save you the headache of having to redo things if something goes wrong with your link. 

Quick Solve:  You have two choices here to fix this quickly:
1. Upload an image for the thumbnail from your computer.
2. Try closing completely out of the post, and starting again.  Refreshing the browser window can also help. 

Hint: If your image still never appears, try the same technique as the following: 

Common Problem #2: 

You've updated a page on your website, but Facebook is still displaying the old data.  In my example, I've added a different photo, and changed the article title.

If this happens, it's time to visit the Facebook Debugger.  This Facebook tool is designed to help developers determine what's going wrong with their links, and can be found at


Tip - Sometimes this takes more than one try to get the proper data. 

Common Problem #3: 

You're trying to post a link, but Facebook is pulling a random image from your site, such as your log, instead of the image you want it to pull. 

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the thumbnail Facebook grabs won't be the one you were hoping for at all.  You can open up additional editing options for content on your own website by verifying with facebook that you own the URL, but this technique will work with any URL. 

Create a Facebook Carousel - This display option features 2 or more photos with an editable caption below each photo.  

If you don't want the automatic thumbnail to show at all, you'll need to add at least 2 new images to maintain the carousel, otherwise the post will revert to showing the simple thumbnail and using the automatic thumbnail unless you've been through Facebook's domain verification process. 


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