Small Businesses Need Social Media

As marketing moves more and more into the digital sector, businesses of all types are making some kind of effort to establish a presence on social media, and those who learn to take advantage of it properly see great rewards. 

We believe that all businesses can benefit from at least a minimal social media presence.  80% of adults now use at least one social media site, and as people turn more and more to digital resources to gather information, make financial decisions, and ask questions, having your business ready and available to provide that is key. 

New Businesses

Whether you're opening a new restaurant, real estate business, or mechanic shop, a social media presence gives you an inexpensive way to let people in your area know what's special about what you offer. 

Facebook Reports 2.27 billion monthly active users - that's a lot of eyes you're missing out on! 


Whatever you're selling, there's a market for it on social media.  Social Media can excite your local customers about new offerings that have arrived in your shop, or even reach a whole new audience for online purchases and eCommerce. 

Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Bars

Nothing makes you hungrier than a beautiful food photo on Instagram - you can get your customers salivating over your latest offering and headed in for some snacks with frequent social media posts. 

Real Estate & Construction Industry

In today's competitive real estate market, businesses need to keep up with technology to nab new clients.  Whether you want to show your real estate listings in the best light possible, or encourage potential clients to reach out to you about a design project, the visually exciting social media platforms can be the perfect place to reach new leads. 

Known for their continuously fast growth, Instagram last reported over 1 billion monthly active users.

Beauty Industry

Many beauty trends today are fueled by social media excitement, and you don't want to be left out of that loop.  Fortunately, beauty is a visual industry, and it's easy to showcase your skills with the most popular haircuts or #browsonfleek to all of the potential clients in your area, with some simple and fun social media shares. 

Service Industry

For many young-adult consumers, if they can't google it, it doesn't exist.  So your best bet as a business is to make sure they can easily find an locate your business information on the internet.  From the basics of posting your hours and services on facebook, to creating special promotions to drive traffic and building consumer confidence, social media can give you a step up over competition.  The more active you are, and the more information you provide, the more likely a customer will find information they're looking for without ever having to make a phone call (and we've all heard how millenials hate phone calls!)


Interested in upping your social media game without a lot of time or expense?  Join our Social Media Management Academy, a Monthly subscription service that includes training in the latest strategies and membership in our special groups where you can ask questions, network, and get great feedback!

Even "smaller" platforms like Twitter and Pinterest boast 336 million and 250 million active users respectively.


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