Wildflower Digital Marketing Client Portfolio

Featured Project: Country Craft Creations

This client came to us looking to give their website a facelift and better organize their large, ever-changing inventory of craft supplies.  Since then we've helped find solutions for everything from email marketing to specialty subscription products. 


"I love working with them. They took my website from ok to amazing! I love the continued support I get. Even for the the little " I don't know how to this" questions. As a small business owner, running the business is my specialty and trusting Wildflower Digital Marketing to keep my website up to date have made it so much easier. They are so great at promptly answering emails to finding me solutions to help me run the business that much smoother."

- Tamra Merrill, Country Craft Creations


Recent Projects

SuePatterson.com & UnschoolingMom2Mom.com 

This client had an extensive catalog of digital products, but needed help with organizing and streamlining her sales funnels.  We've been continuing work with her to refine and develop her sales funnels, troubleshoot, build email flows, and refining the experience for her customers. 


Kelly has been managing marketing for SheShreds.co for the past 4+ years, including building a massive social media following, developing branding, copywriting & blogging, maintaining the Shopify website, managing an ambassador program, and email marketing via Klaviyo.  Jo also worked with SheShreds.co doing copywriting, affiliate marketing, social media building and ambassador program management.

J Bird's the Word Photography

Showcasing the art of local Northwest photographer and blogger Jay Ayres, this website features a clean layout and ample negative space, drawing the eye to the beauty of the work.

LEI Woodworking

Originally branded as Lineman Equipment, Inc, this woodworker's beautiful work had long outgrown it's name.   We helped rebrand and redesign the website to shift the focus into the quality and craftsmanship of his furniture and accessories, as well as his tools. 

My Desert Realty / Getlandtoday.com

This realty company needed a separate website for their land holdings and sales, and we worked with them to find solutions for allowing customers to purchase online, as well as marketing their available land on social media and Klaviyo. 

She Bloomz

Shopify ecommerce website with a blog for a new business focused on greeting cards with an inspirational message. 

Sunriver Sports

This local sporting goods store needed a website refresh and the addition of ecommerce to increase sales. 

Sabrina Nelke, Mortgage Broker

This mortgage broker needed a simple website designed to generate SEO traffic, provide information, and attract new homebuyers in the Pacific Northwest.

Live4Now Fitness

This client had an established leggings business that they wanted to take to the next level.  Work included a website assessment, revamp of branding language for female market appeal, and social media management and graphics.  

North Idaho Outdoor

We built a Shopify website for this small North Idaho brand (no longer in business), created their social media, and built up their following from scratch with unique northwest-inspired posts.  

Full Nitro Motorsports

This motorsports-focused client wanted to take their large catalog of UTV performance parts online to reach new customers across the country.  

War Wolf

 We built an ecommerce website for this company using a specialty industry-specific software, and assisted them with a transition over from BigCommerce which they had consistent struggles with.